Unique Baby Shower Themes and Ideas

For Seasonal Holiday Baby Shower Themes

Searching For Unique Baby Shower Themes and Ideas? Try a unique approach! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, choose unique holiday baby shower ideas that are seasonal or simply pick a holiday. Find an amazing Holiday Calendar & Seasons list below on this page.

Throw your Baby Shower on, or just before, the next big holiday and make the theme for that special holiday.

Take advantage of Seasonal Events and Holidays that provide the perfect opportunity to create unique baby shower themes.

Whether it's Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day ... even Superbowl Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, or the Fourth of July!

Think about it. You'll already be prepared with decorations in place. Everyone will be in a festive mood, ready for a Holiday Baby Shower Celebration! Some fun ideas ...

Unique Holiday Baby Shower Invitations

It All Starts With An Invitation

After choosing which holiday, think about the invitations. You might think that this would be a difficult task, but ... just personalize Any holiday card to match your holiday theme!

Some examples for a Valentine's, Fall and Easter Baby Shower Invitations:

unique-baby-shower-themes-valentines-invitation unique-baby-shower-themes-fall-invitation unique-baby-shower-themes-easter-invitation

Go to our Personalized Baby Shower Invitations and see just how we did it. Create Unique Baby Shower Invitations for any special time of the year.

Unique Baby Shower Themes For Favorite Holidays

The Fall Shower

As Summer winds down and the kids go back to school, take advantage of your free time.

What a great time to relax and enjoy the fun and excitement of planning a
Fall Baby Shower.

See all of our unique ideas for Fall Baby Shower Invitations, Favors, Decorations and More.


The Halloween Shower

Get ready for a Halloween Baby Shower. What a Fun and Festive holiday, but definitely not for the faint of heart ... bwahahahahahaha!

We have the most creepy and ghoulish ideas for favors and decorations and hauntingly delicious Halloween Cakes and Halloween Cupcakes ideas.


Also discover some dark ideas for A Goth Baby Shower.

The Winter Shower

The winter holidays bring warmth and cheer to the chill outside. Throw your shower around one of the great winter holidays ... after all, the decorations are up already!

You'll need some adorable ideas for Baby Christmas Gifts!

unique-baby-shower-themes-christmas-baby gifts

Visit Our Christmas Baby Shower for Verry Merry Planning Ideas!


The Valentine's Day

Have a Valentine's Day baby shower! Use heart candy, heart candles, heart decoration, favors and prizes.

What a great event to celebrate an upcoming birth!

Personalize Valentine's To Create Baby Shower Invitations

Zebra Valentine Baby Shower Invitation
(click on image for description & personalization options)

More Valentine's Day Cards to Personalize for your
Valentine's Baby Shower Invitations

The Easter Shower

Have your baby shower around the Easter Season. The rich pastels used in decorating are perfect for baby shower decor. Use these adorable baby shower candle favors .

Perfect as is, or make your own favors using our creative Baby Shower Favor Ideas.
babyshowercandle favorsPureIntegrity

Also see our ideas on a Baby Shower Candle Favor to make and
more ideas for an Easter Baby Shower.

The Summer Shower

Summer Baby Shower Unique Baby Shower Themes It's sunny and beautiful outside! Summer makes way for many unique baby shower themes. What a better way to celebrate your baby shower than to take it outdoors.

Play "Toss the Baby", using water balloons, of course, and get out the frisbees and badminton.

Make it a barbecue party your guests will enjoy using some delicious recipes from our Baby Shower Food Ideas.

Do you have a pool? We have some excellent Pool Party Ideas for a Pool Baby Shower. Play "Rubber Duckie Across the Pool"(you have to push it with your nose ... no hands!)

Choose from many different Pool Party and Seasonal Summer Baby Shower Theme Ideas, like Summer Solstice, Father's Day (The Dad Shower), 4th of July, Labor Day and more.

Personalized Water Bottle LabelsMake sure you have plenty of water for your guests. These personalized water bottle labels are perfect for serving water or just give them as a baby shower favor.

Need more Baby Shower Favor Ideas?

Also see our ideas for a Baby Shower Candle Favor to make. These also make great decorations for an evening outdoor shower.

Looking for invitation designs with unique baby shower themes for Summer arrivals?

Check out our Personalized Baby Shower Invitations and create your own Unique Baby Shower Invitations. For any special time of the year!

Holiday Calendar & Seasons

We've done some research for you and found an amazing calendar of holidays for all years and a list of all seasons with dates for your reference. So Get Creative and Happy Planning!

For More Unique Baby Shower Themes and Ideas
Visit Our Friends At Cutest Baby Shower Ideas!


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