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Choose from our conveniently bundled gift sets, or add a
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"Take It Everywhere Baby Goes!"


Sacco Bambino® Reviews
What Are They Saying?

“ ... They also offer Sacco Bambino® Newborn Gift Sets that comes with a burp cloth instead of a pillow, but since my youngest is already eight-months, I chose the Toddler Set. Since Lexi has such sensitive skin, it is very important to me that all of their products are 100% cotton flannel (which is a fabric recommended by hospitals worldwide) PLUS, they are made in the USA! ..." (more ...)

Shauna T.

Sacco Bambino Products

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Our Sacco Bambino® receiving blankets, burp cloths and pillow cases are all handcrafted here, locally in Las Vegas, NV, USA, by Moms like us. The pillow inserts are also made in the United States.

In these tough economic times, it’s comforting to know that your keeping our economy thriving! They are all made of the softest 100% cotton flannel. 100% Cotton Flannel is the fabric most recommended by leading hospitals worldwide for newborns. Your comfort and your baby’s comfort is our number one goal.

Quality Assurance ... Guaranteed

"Your satisfaction is our number one priority."

Rest assured that you will receive the highest quality workmanship and materials in each Sacco Bambino® product. Our years of experience provide comfort and assurance ... from our family to yours!

If you are not totally satisfied with your Sacco Bambino® selection, please Contact Us and you will be refunded. That's it ... no questions asked! That's how confident we are. Whether it's a friends baby shower gift or a gift for that special baby in your life, we are sure that your Sacco Bambino® will bring Mom and Baby many years of security, warmth and enjoyment ... "Take It Everywhere Baby Goes!"


Sacco Bambino® Store Policies

Generously Oversized Receiving Blanket and Burp Cloth!

The receiving blanket is a generously oversized 42” x 42”, perfect for swaddling and later years for toddlers to use as a “play blanket” at home, at the beach, at the park, at daycare, on a play date … the list goes on!

It’s also perfect for Mom to use as a cover-up when breast-feeding in public.

Each receiving blanket includes “Swaddle your newborn ... in 5 easy steps”... detailed swaddling instructions for the brand new mother. What a great free addition to your unique baby shower gifts!

The Burp Cloth is also oversized. A generous 13” x 21”, and is large enough to cover and protect when those “burps” become a little more than just burps! It makes a great placemat for toddlers at mealtime, as well.

Comfort and Support for Mom ...
Comfort and Security for Baby!

The Toddler Pillow is great for Mom at the newborn stage to slip under your arm, or behind your back for added support during feeding time, or even to sleep with ... a mini body pillow wherever you need it, before and after pregnancy!

The perfect traveling companion!

Use when traveling with toddlers, or newborns, especially on airplanes. All of the comforts of “binky” blanket and pillow when traveling. Comfort and Security!

Take It Everywhere Baby Goes!

The Cinch Pack and Diaper Bag are just the right size … not too big and not too small ... the perfect unique baby gifts! And, of course, they go everywhere baby goes!

The Toddler Travel Cinch Pack Gift Set is perfect for your toddler to take to Daycare, or on Play dates! And you know how they always want a “carry-on”, like Mom and Dad, to take on the plane!

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And What Is Everyone
Saying About These
Unique Baby Shower Gifts? ...

"I love your website! On short notice, I was able to order the cutest baby pacifiers and teething rings, from your Unique Baby Gift Shop, to include with the Sacco Bambino gift set I ordered. I also forwarded your site to our hostess who used many of your expert tips. Thanks for your help!"

Lisa S.
Las Vegas, NV

By now you know that one of my favorite stores is Sacco Bambino®. If you remember last month, I reviewed some wall art from Sacco Bambino® and they have been kind enough to ask me to review another item from their amazing online store; their Sacco Bambino® Toddler Travel Gift Set. We received a cute pink and green plaid ... more ...

Shauna T.


“We received our Sacco Bambino as a gift right before we went on vacation to Hawaii. It came in PERFECT for the plane ride to and from, as well as while we were there. Not only did my kids alternating ... more ...

Nicole C.
Sacramento, CA

“I just love the Sacco Bambino sets I ordered from you. They arrived in perfect condition in Savannah, GA. I presented them at a Baby Shower and the mother-to-be was so excited! She said she had never seen anything so ... more ...

Kim T.
Savannah, GA

More Happy Customers! ...

"My daughter loves her Sacco Bambino! She sleeps with her blanket and pillow every night and takes it with her whenever we go on vacations or sleep-overs at grandparents, or aunts & uncles homes."

Las Vegas, NV


“I would recommend the Sacco Bambino as an excellent gift for baby showers and also toddler birthdays. The receiving blanket and burp cloth are generously sized and the complete package is definitely high quality.”

Denise A.
Palm Springs, CA

"Alara has one of the first Sacco Bambinos! Given to us at her baby shower over three years ago. She loves her pillow and her perfect fit cute pillow covers! She still uses the ... more ...

Mina O.
Las Vegas, NV

“If you are looking for a practical and original gift for a baby shower, the Sacco Bambino cinch pack, pillow case, receiving blanket and burp cloth will not disappoint you! I recommend this ... more ...

Lynda B.
Reno, NV

Sometimes I’m must amazed by the things that I can find on the web. Living in a small town I just don’t have many choices. If it’s not at the local Walmart or Target I’m just not thinking about it and there’s only so much creativity in those places. So on the wonderful world wide web I found Sacco Bambino. They offer unique gifts for babies and the website itself is a lot of fun. They even provide information ... more ...

Carla B.

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