A Simple Guide for Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower? We have some fresh and unique baby shower ideas for any type of Baby Shower and ... a Baby Shower Planning Guide Checklist!

Planning a baby shower should be FUN! So, unless you're inviting the Queen of England, don't get hung up on all of the rules of etiquette!

We'll give you a few etiquette guidelines for baby shower planning, but more and more, society is relaxing to these sometimes dated rules.

Tip: The earlier you start planning, the smoother it will go. 6-8 weeks is plenty of time for planning unique baby shower ideas that will impress and "wow" your guests. Partner with a co-host ... it's comforting, and productive, to bounce ideas off someone else and to help with all of the leg work!

Hosting A Baby Shower

Traditional baby shower etiquette says a close friend or non-family member should host the baby shower for Mom-To-Be. But this rule is not crucial to the event.

Baby showers are now hosted by sisters, moms, and even Dad-To-Be's! It's best to keep Mom-To-Be in mind when making this decision.

A little research and a few questions regarding her culture and background will provide the best answers for your baby shower planning.
Planning a Baby Shower

Tip: Also be sure to consult Mom-To-Be on any other baby showers being thrown for her, so you don't have conflicting dates.

Planning a Baby ShowerTypically a baby shower is thrown 6-8 weeks before Mom-To-Be's due date. It could be earlier or later depending on her preferences.

Baby showers are also thrown after the birth. Throwing a baby shower after the baby is born is not unusual.

The advantage of this is that it takes the guess-work out of planning a baby shower and gift giving, knowing the sex of the baby.

Before we go any further, let's get organized and put together a timeline. A Simple Baby Shower Planning Guide Checklist is a must for anyone planning a baby shower. It's free ... so, print it out and grab a pencil!

Important to keep in mind during Baby Shower Planning .... a list of more tips for hosting a baby shower.

The Baby Shower Guest List

If you're planning a baby shower as a more intimate gathering, maybe only invite close friends and family. If not, then invite friends, co-workers, friends and family, as well.
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Again, check with Mom-To-Be for final approval of the guest list. She should be able to invite whomever she wants to attend.

Keep your budget in mind and maybe make a break-down of "cost per person". This will keep you from straining your budget, if you're on one.

Also, decide with Mom-To-Be whether this will be an all-ladies baby shower, or a co-ed baby shower. This will change the tone of the overall gathering. But either way, it's always great to get Dad-To-Be involved and also the Grandpas!

Location ... Location ... Location!

Baby Shower Locations & Venues

Traditionally, in planning a baby shower, a friend hosts the party at their house in the afternoon hours.

But it's not uncommon to host the baby shower at Mom-To-Be's house.

Also, think about the time of day ... it's sometimes nice to have an evening affair.

Find a location comfortable for Mom-To-Be, and make sure it's ample space for the invited guests.

Perhaps at a local restaurant in one of their party rooms would be appropriate. A small luncheon, or even tea party! Or, a small gathering outside on the Café Patio. Be creative when planning a baby shower ... take a step outside of 'the box'!

Planning a Baby Shower

Tip: Planning a baby shower thrown at a restaurant saves on clean up for the hostess and allows her to spend more quality time enjoying the baby shower!

Or if the weather is nice, maybe a party at the park,or a backyard BBQ is in order! Work within your budget. Decide the time of day and length of the baby shower with Mom-To-Be and work around her schedule.

Location... Location ... Location! Visit our Baby Shower Locations for More Tips to help you find the best place to throw your shower.

Also check our Baby Shower Venues locator to find the perfect baby shower location in your area.

Don't forget ... if you're having a more formal and elegant baby shower, and inviting many guests, think about looking into Wedding Banquet Halls to accomodate your growing baby shower guest list ... impress and delight your guests!

To Theme ... or Not to Theme
Planning a Baby Shower Theme

Planning A Baby Shower Decorations

We've all been to plenty of baby showers that were highly themed.

And we've also been to baby showers that were simply parties in honor of the Mom-To-Be.

It's simply a matter of preference.

Mom-To-Be should help decide on this one, depending on if she wants a full blown heavily themed baby shower, or something more relaxed.

Or, does she want elegance and formality? Sometimes just a simple sprinkling of elegant decorations ... flowers, candles, fine silver and white linen tablecloth with a touch of colorful "baby" favors. This is the perfect setting when planning a baby shower to invite a few close-knit friends!

Planning A Baby Shower - Theme Ideas Not the formal type? Well, then maybe the theme is in the dress of the guests and used for the menu selection ... like a Luau, Western or Sports theme! These are great ideas for Co-ed baby showers, as well. What about that BBQ ... the guys can cook!

We've put together a collection of Baby Shower Theme Ideas and cool baby shower themes for planning
a baby shower. Here you can add your favorite unique baby shower themes to our growing list!

Planning a baby shower around the Holidays? Whether it's Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, our Unique Baby Shower Themes will get your creative wheels spinning to host a baby shower celebration in tandem with Holiday gatherings. Everyone will be available, you'll have decorations already in place and it's a great cost savings!

Planning A baby Shower invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

After choosing a theme, focus on invitations to coordinate with your theme. There are endless varieties to choose from. you can buy them pre-made, personalized ... even order them online and print them out at home!

If your up to it and have a creative bug, perhaps hand-make the invitations. Those scrap booking supplies can come in pretty handy for this task!

Send the invitations out at least 4 weeks before the baby shower. Be sure to include the date, time, location, an RSVP contact with phone number, and directions. Also include information on where Mom-To-Be is registered. One or two registry suggestions is enough.

Excellent ideas for Baby Shower Invitations, Free Baby Shower Invitations, and Homemade Baby Shower Invites, for every type of unique baby shower, including Holiday baby shower invitation ideas!

Tip: Keep your Baby Shower Planning Guide Checklist handy ... remember to order Thank You notes when ordering your invitations.

Baby Shower Decorations

When planning a baby shower, coordinate the decorations to go with your theme and also the style of Mom-To-Be.

Again, formal and elegant, or casual and laid back, or highly themed ... always keep Mom-To-Be in mind, and "in the loop"! There's nothing worse than planning without Mom-To-Be and ending up with a disaster baby shower!

Remember ... this is All about Her and Baby.

Awesome Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for a unique baby shower decor!

Planning A Baby Shower Games & Prizes

Baby Shower Games, Prizes and Favors

Hmmmm... this is what sometimes gives Baby Showers their dreaded reputations ;)

Tip: KEEP IT SIMPLE! You don't have to spend the entire baby shower playing games. Unless of course it's the "baby" game, where when someone says "baby", they get one of their diaper pins taken away. Person with the most diaper pins at the end of the baby shower,wins!

In planning a baby shower, remember that one or two games is enough. It gives your guests a chance to get to know each other if it's a larger crowd. And don't forget Baby Shower Prizes for all of the lucky winners at your Baby Shower!

Again, consider your budget. There are a huge selection of Baby Shower Games, Prizes and Favors to choose from ... just don't go overboard!

Ready for some Fun Baby Shower Games and unique baby shower games to play? Add some Excitement to your unique baby shower!

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Express your appreciation to your guests and given them a token of gratitude when they leave. Small bags of goodies or small gifts are ideal as memorable tokens of gratitude for joining in the celebration!

Planning a baby shower that's memorable for you and your guests ... take a look at our new collections of baby shower favor ideas and gifts! Baby Shower Favor Ideas and homemade baby shower favors you can make ... from elegant and classic to trendy and chic.

Planning A Baby Shower Food Ideas & Menu

Baby Shower Food and Drinks

The baby shower menu should coordinate with the theme and time of day your throwing the baby shower. Again, keep your budget in mind. Preparing well ahead of time will keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the celebration!

When planning a Baby Shower for mid-morning include brunch foods such as bagels, muffins, croissants and pastries, or perhaps a quiche. Set out a small variety of cheeses and meats. Add a bowl of fresh cut fruit.

Try mini pancakes and French toast bites served with a small cup of honey or berry syrup! Serve coffee, tea and juices for drinks. Remember to provide a variety of sweeteners and creamers.

Planning A Baby Shower - Food Ideas

Finger foods and sandwiches are perfect for an afternoon baby shower. Again, decide on beverages according to the guests tastes and the Mom-To-Be.

Be sure to include regular and diet drinks for your guests. And make a homemade punch.

Planning A Baby Shower Food Menu
Planning a Baby Shower for the evening is a great opportunity to fire up the grill!

Find all kinds of recipes, including some awesome grilling recipes and more on our Baby Shower Food Ideas page.

And for a co-ed baby shower it provides an opportunity to get the men involved. An easy idea that can be prepared the day before are shish kebabs.

Tip: Set everything up buffet style so guests can serve themselves. Remember to Keep It Simple, so that You can enjoy the festivities too!

Planning a Baby Shower - Food & Grilling Recipe Ideas

An evening baby shower may also include wine, beer and cocktails ... remember to provide "virgin" options for your Mom-To-Be and those who don't drink.

There are some wonderful recipes out there. We continue to research the best available. So check out our Baby Shower Food Ideas for your baby shower food menu. Your guests will enjoy and rave about for months! We have found some new recipes and, of course, have our own tried and true selections to choose from ... Please Enjoy!

Throwing Your Shower at a Restaurant

If your having the baby shower at a restaurant, coordinate with the restaurant about how the food will be served.

It's sometimes nice to have a buffet style if hosting a larger group. This gives your guests a chance to mingle and get to know each other. And always book reservations well in advance to ensure your planned date.

Be sure to work out a "per person" price withe restaurant to include food and beverage. This way you can pre-plan for your budget and know all of your costs up-front.

Check our Baby Shower Venues map locator to find a local venue in your area to throw your baby shower.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

The Baby Shower Cake
and Other Goodies!

The Baby Shower Cake can be purchased, or home-made. With a little creativity and a few basic supplies, you can create a great cake for your baby shower.

Purchasing a baby shower cake is an excellent option if you're short on time, or creativity! Local supermarkets provide an excellent assortment of designs.

Also national chain "superstores" and "club" type stores usually have their own bakeries and make wonderful cakes as well.

Many times you can take your ideas to these local stores and they will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

There are also specialty bakeries which provide a higher level of service, along with a higher price tag. If you're looking for more of a "designer" or professionally made cake, then try a specialty bakery in your area.

We've included a Bakery Locator in our Baby Shower Cake Ideas.

Visit our Baby Shower Cake Gallery and select from over 40 designs! Be sure to get a baby shower cake with all of the awesome baby shower cake decorations you want for a scrumptious baby shower!

Planning A Baby Shower - Baby Shower Cookies Check out our yummy Baby Shower Cookies and baby shower cookie favors for your baby shower!

Try some decadent Baby Shower Candy in personalized baby shower candy wrappers ... make it or buy it for your baby shower. Candy is always a sweet addition to any shower!

Planning A Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower cupcakes are "all the rage" now! You can use them as the main dessert, or have them as an addition to, or coordinated with the main baby shower cake!

We have some very cute Baby Shower Cupcakes to go with Your Baby Shower Cake ... awesome ideas for your cupcakes to coordinate with your cake. Yum!!

Having a crave for cupcakes? Visit our Baby Shower Cupcakes Gallery for even more cupcake design ideas!

Planning A Baby Shower Diaper Cakes & Diaper Gifts

The Diaper Cake!

Last, but not least ... The Baby Shower Diaper Cake!

Diaper Cakes are a gift given to the Mom-To-Be as a supply of babies first diapers.

The Diaper Cakes are available at many retailers, but also Fun to make yourself. So put your creative hat if you would like to learn how to make a diaper cake!

Whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, this makes a perfect baby shower gift. Baby Diaper Cake Instructions ... all on video!

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