Hot Wings Recipe ... Spice Up The Celebration!

For a Sports, Superbowl or Dad Shower!

Looking for a great Buffalo Hot Wings Recipe for your Co-ed or Couples New Baby Celebration? These are also perfect for a Dad Get-together New Baby Celebration, a Sports Themed Baby Shower, a Superbowl Baby Shower, or just your annual Superbowl Party!

These tasty chicken wings add a wonderful aroma to the room and are perfect for a casual get-together or celebration.

If you're having a baby shower, or a "guys get-together" for the new baby in his life, think about a simple menu with finger foods in mind.

These are so simple to make and there's nothing like freshly made Buffalo Hot Wings!

We have a couple of our favorite recipes ... one is a short video recipe straight from the source ... Buffalo, New York. And one is an old family favorite from a friend that hails from Canton/Akron, Ohio! Enjoy!

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Hot Wings Recipe

It Doesn't Get Any Simpler ...

Simple To Make And So Tasty To Eat!

This Hot Wings Recipe is a family recipe from our Cleveland (Akron/Canton) relatives. (Adjust ingredients for amount and taste.)



  • Chicken Wings
  • Butter
  • Lawry's Seasoning Salt
  • Pepper
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Flour
  • Wesson Light Oil
Soak chinken wings in hot salt water to clean. Rinse thoroughly.

Drain excess water and pat dry.

Season with Lawry's and pepper.

Shake in a paper bag with the flour to lightly dust.

Deep fry in oil until tender, normally about 10 minutes depending on the size of your wings.

Drain on paper towels.

Melt a stick of butter and add hot sauce. (Usually one stick of butter per 1/2 bottle of hot sauce). Then add pepper to taste. Shake in a tightly sealed container or bowl.

Serve with your favorite Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing with Celery and Carrot sticks!

Tip: If you don't like "hot", simply use a sweet and sour, a teriyaki, or another one of your favorite sauces for the final shake!

Authentic Buffalo Hot Wings Recipe

Scott’s Famous Chicken Hot Wings Recipe

Scott Scazafavo, a Buffalo native, reveals his
secret recipe for authentic chicken wings ...

Buffalo Hot Wings Recipe
(click on image to go to video)

Many Thanks to our friends at for making your celebration menu a success with their awesome recipes!

Spice Up The Fun & Games

Add Some Excitement To Your Superbowl Party!

If you've been put in charge of hosting this year's Super Bowl party, or any football themed party, having the right mix of food, entertainment, and company will keep the party flowing in between passes and touchdowns.

While typically during any "Bowl" party, guests will be focused on the football game, there will always be those commercial breaks, half-times, or the guests who come for the food more than watching the actual game itself. For situations like this, providing additional entertainment, like football party games is a great option. Plus, you can literally purchase and print them out 5 minutes before the party starts.

If kids are invited to the party, most likely they aren't going to want to watch an entire 3 hour football game. Having a fun game option for them like Ready, Set, Hike! will give them a break and give them a chance to just be kids. Plus, recruiting the adults, blindfolding them, and making them pin the football on the quarterback would most likely be worthy of recording and posting to YouTube, too.

And for the grown-ups, even if you don't have a designated time at the party to play games, you could always set out a few trivia football games like, NFL Nickname Race, Mighty Mascot Match, or Sweets For The ‘Sweet’ NFL Challenge. Make sure the guests know that prizes will be awarded to the guest who gets the most answers correct by the end of the game. This will encourage some fun competition during the party. And who doesn't love the chance to win a prize?

If your party guests want an alternative option to watching the half-time show, Football Bingo, is a fitting game for both the adults and the kids. Plus, with this version of the game, you can personalize all of the squares to include either your guest's names, their favorite players on the opposing teams, or even player's jersey numbers.

Football Bingo

Ready, Set, Hike!

NFL Nickname Race

Sweets For The ‘Sweet’ NFL Challenge

Mighty Mascot Match

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