Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Create Baby Shower Invitations At Home

Homemade baby shower invitations to create baby shower invitations that are uniquely "one-of-a-kind" ... a very thoughtful touch!

A One-Of-A-Kind

There is something special about a hand-crafted invitation.

Like one-of-a kind artwork or a hand-written note that's treasured as a keepsake, they truly make the most unique baby shower invitations.

Hand Crafted Homemade Invitations

A homemade invitation is like a personalized hand-written note that makes the receiver feel special.

If you enjoy crafts, we've researched a couple of resources for making unique baby shower invitations.

They provide great information and creative ideas on making your own invitations.

Ideas To Create Baby Shower Invitations:

homemade baby shower invitationshomemade baby shower invitations

Find all kinds of paper & supplies to make
awesome home made baby shower invitations.

homemade baby shower invitationshomemade baby shower invitations

Unique Baby Shower Invites

Make Your Guests Feel Special!

Make Your guests feel special too with a personalized hand made baby shower invitation. Think about your theme … do you have supplies on hand around the house?

Sometimes we overlook the obvious materials we can use that are right at our finger tips.

For example, do you have some colored card stock and maybe a small supply of ribbon? These simple supplies can be cut, and using spray adhesive, or just regular Elmer's glue, worked into an elegant baby shower invitation design. Buttons, trims and stamps can be used to make cute designs on each card.

homemade baby shower invitations

Baby Shower DigiKits include everything you need for a
coordinated baby shower.

Even use plain white card stock and get out your kid's water colors ... a splash or stroke of the brush gives a unique flair.

They can all be different if you choose.

Tip: You know, you can always make an envelope. Just fold a coordinating paper around your invitations and a drop of hot glue can hold it together with a pretty ribbon bow laid on top while the glue is still sticky.

Don't feel like making a homemade baby shower invitation? Get our Free printable baby shower invitations ... just download, print and cut!

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