Halloween Cupcakes
For Your Halloween Or Goth Baby Shower

A Ghoulish Halloween Cupcakes Gallery for sweetly sinister Goth or Halloween Baby Shower Cupcakes!

Having A Goth or Halloween Baby Shower?

We have some sweet ghoulish ideas for your Halloween or Goth baby shower cupcakes.

Fun and festive, or ghoulish and sinister, you've come to the right place ... Bwaaahahahaha!

Scary Halloween Cupcakes Double As

Baby Shower Cupcakes For your Favorite Holiday Party

Remember, you can always use traditional pink or blue colors for your baby shower cupcakes or, go with a bright fuchsia for the girls, or electric blue for the boys!

Download PDF of
Bone Appetite! Cookies
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Happy Jack Cupcakes
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Skull Cupcakes
Image & Instructions

Download PDF of
Scary Eyeball Cupcakes
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Spider Pick Cupcake
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Haunted Manor Cupcakes
Image & Instructions

Download PDF of
Possessed Address Cupcake
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Closely Witched Pot Cupcakes
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Fearsome Ghost Cupcakes
Image & Instructions

For All The Supplies You'll Need:


Download PDF of
Ghostly Graveyard Greetings Cupcakess
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Polka-Dotted Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Grinning Ghost Cupcakes
Image & Instructions

Download PDF of
Ghoulishly Great Cupcakes for Halloween
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Lounging Pumpkin Cupcake
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes
Image & Instructions

Download PDF of
Spooky Spider Cupcake
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Trick or Treat Cupcakes
Image & Instructions
Download PDF of
Webbed Feat Cupcakes
Image & Instructions

Looking For A Local Bakery?

Don't Feel Like Baking?

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a cake or cupcakes if you don’t feel like baking.

If you're more of a "hands-on" person, you may want more of a personalized touch that a local bakery can offer.

Download and Print Your Selection From Our Gallery!

Print one of our ideas and take it to your local specialty bakery and have them make it! Find a local bakery with our Local Bakery Locator.

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