Fun Baby Shower Games

Looking For Fun Baby Shower Games To Play?

Fun Baby Shower Games and Unique Baby Shower Games add conversation and excitement to your shower and also let your guests get to know each other a little better.

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Printable Unique Baby Shower Games to Play

These printable fun baby shower games are easy to order (no shipping costs) and easy to print. And the best part is ... Print As Many As You Want For One Low Price!

The Deluxe Baby Party Games Collection
Baby Shower Games A to Z has got you covered ... with over 75 games you can print right from your computer!

Baby Bingo Game Card Generator
Select your own baby items and personalize it with Mom-To-Be's Name. Each Baby Bingo card will be totally unique!

Easy Printable Baby Shower Games To Play

Including Couples Games Too ... check them out.

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There's No Limit
Print One Game Or Print 100 ... For An Entire Year!

New Printable Baby Shower Games

Ande Mommy Wore ... Baby Shower Game
And Mommy Wore...
Raffle Tickets Baby Shower Game
Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

Guess baby Birthday Baby Shower Game
Guess Baby's Birthday
New Baby Advice Baby Shower Game
New Baby Advice

Having A Holiday Baby Shower?

Add Some Fun & Holiday Games Too

Classic Printable Baby Shower Games

Nursery Rhyme Quiz
$ 6.99
Do you remember who put Humpty Dumpty back together? Test your guests with this awesome game, perfect for a couples shower!

Baby Word Scrambles
Unscramble nursery rhymes and baby items as fast as you can. You think it may be easy ... but don't be surprised if you get stumped!

Pregnancy - How Sweet It Is!
- $6.99

Contractions (Whoppers) and Hospital Bill (Pay Day)? Find out what candy bars have in common with pregnancy!

Gift Bingo
- $ 6.99

Generate unique Gift Bingo cards for each guest to fill in as Mom-To-Be is opening gifts. They mark the card as they spot each gift!

It's Also A Baby Name

Do you know how many everyday items are actual names as well? A fun game to test your guests skill and surprise yourself too, as you think up baby girl & boy names!

Right and Left Baby Game
- $6.99

Great fun for your guests as the pass off the gifts when you announce each direction ... it can get a little crazy! Have extra baby shower prizes on hand for this one.

Depending on your group of guests, choose an appropriate selection of baby shower games to play. Remember to have extra Baby Shower Prizes in case of ties.

Many times baby showers are a gathering of friends and family that sometimes don't know each other. Fun baby shower games are a great way to "break the ice" and get your guests mingling, laughing and having a terrific time!

Baby Trivia
- $ 6.99

Surprising facts about newborn babies. This trivia game is a lot of fun for a couples baby shower, so get the guys involved!

Baby Outburst
- $6.99
Compete against the clock to shout out baby items in each category. Another fast exciting game for a couples shower!

Finish Mommy's Phrase / Finish Daddy's Phrase
Find out which of your guests is the best mind reader as they compete to finish Mom-To-Be's (Or Dad-To-Be's too!) phrase!
Things in Mommy's Purse
Things in Mommy's Purse
- $ 6.99
What do YOU carry around in your purse? See who has the most unusual items in their purse. This is a hoot to play with a bunch of your girlfriends!

Fun Baby Shower Games We Love

One of the simplest, fun baby shower games to play that we love, is called “Baby”. And all you need is diaper pins. Everyone gets a diaper pin when they arrive and pins it to their shirt.

Whenever you catch someone saying “Baby”, you get to take all of their diaper pins. Who ever has the most diaper pins at the end of the shower wins the prize! Give all the diaper pins to Mom-To-Be.

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