The Dad Shower ...
Dad Deserves A Celebration Too!

The Dad Shower! Yes ... Dads deserve a celebration too! You may be wondering, though, just exactly what this entails ...ready for some unique baby shower ideas?

Find excellent ideas and Helpful Links For The Dad Shower including invitations, food and gift ideas below on this page.

What Is Dad-To-Be's Type?

Is Dad-To-Be a SAHD ... that is, a Stay at Home Dad? Does Mom-To-Be have a career and Dad-to-Be will be the primary caregiver after Mom goes back to work?

This role reversal is becoming a trend and this means Dad is responsible for selection of most of the household and baby care items.

Or, is Dad-To-Be a WAHD ... that is, a Work at Home Dad? Does Mom-To-Be have a career outside the home and, again, Dad-to-Be as the primary caregiver and working at home after Mom goes back to work?

Dad is responsible, again for most of the household and baby care items, but will also take care of the child care arrangements. After all, he's going to need some help as he works from home.

Or, maybe Dad-To-Be works at the office all day ... or has a more laid back job...


... regardless of what Dad-To-Be does, or what he will be doing, remember to Keep It Simple. No muss, no fuss ... just the guys doing their thing.

So How Will Dad-To-Be and His Buddies Celebrate?

Well first of all, it doesn't have to be called a shower ... maybe "Dad-To-Be's Leap Into Fatherhood Celebration". Well, something like that, anyway ;)

Unique Baby Shower Ideas for The Dad Shower:

  • Dad-To-Be's best friend throws a "get-together" for him. It's just the guys and his friends bring gifts for the basics. Find out what dadgear he needs. Have guests bring Dad and Son, or Dad and Daughter geared games, toys, beach stuff, hiking gear and sports gear just for Dad and Baby.
  • Or, since Mom-To-Be has already received many of the baby basics at her showers, gear the Shower for Dad around what he needs the most ... have guests bring "Dad Looking" baby gear. You know, a classic mens diaper bag, a cool camouflage stroller ... keep colors neutral or bright, and away from pastels. Also take a look at our diaper bags for men for some cool prints and colorful diaper bags.
  • The 'games' may be a little different for this "guy gathering". Possibly a game of poker, touch football in the back yard, cornhole toss, or horseshoes. Maybe center the festivities around a pro team game on TV. And maybe drink beer out of baby bottles! ;) Well, okay, juice or soda is optional.
  • Lots of easy dips and snacks to munch on, comfort food ... you know, ribs, chicken wings, Philly cheese steak, just about anything you can eat with your hands. And ... a cake in the shape a football with the Dad-To-Be's favorite sports team insignia ... don't forget the coordinating cupcakes and cookies.
  • Another idea is to make the shower a couples shower. Dad's best friends wife helps him organize an informal baby shower party, or backyard BBQ.

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