Make A Cloth Diaper Cake DIY

Use Our Easy Baby Diaper Cake Instructions

Make A Cloth Diaper Cake using our unique and easy diaper cake instructions, just below on this page, for a truly unique baby shower gift. Learn how to make a diaper cake and supply Mom-To-Be with a gift she'll definitely appreciate!

Do It Yourself! Add a personal touch to your baby shower!

The perfect gift for the "eco-minded" Mom-To-Be. Use our baby diaper cake instructions to make a beautiful and unique baby shower gift for Mom-To-Be.

Experiment with the two versions and use the method that's most comfortable for you to make a creative cloth diaper cake.

Cloth baby diapers come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you're sure to make a most unique diaper cake.

A Cloth Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Not only is this an amazing gift, but it also makes a great centerpiece for a baby shower. Show off your creative talent and impress your guests with a hand made diaper cake centerpiece.

Once you start making these, Everyone will want one for their baby shower. Let them in on your secret and just send them here. :)

diaper covers cloth diaper cake

Cloth Baby Diapers
are an alternative to the disposable diapers used in the traditional diaper cake.

They are also more eco-friendly and come in organic brands as well.

You can roll them accordingly and actually use less diapers.

You also have the option of using diaper pins to decorate or attach items that would normally puncture disposables.

Make A Diaper Cake Green And Eco-Friendly

Easy DIY Instructions

This is an excellent idea for a cloth diaper cake if you want to spend a little less time putting a creative baby shower gift together. It consists of purchasing a "topper-like" ensemble and then attaching it to a base of cloth diapers that you put together yourself. Just one layer ... Easy, right?

1) First Purchase Or Make A "Cake Topper"

First, purchase or make the "topper". Here are some examples to give you an idea of what to include in these rolled up mini "cakes', or to purchase one:


(click on above images for description and pricing)

See More Cotton "Topper" Ideas At Wayfair Baby

2) Select The Best Cloth Diaper

Choose a cloth diaper type that Mom-To-Be will be using, or select one you think she'll like. She'll be experimenting in the beginning, so don't be afraid to choose one yourself. We have a great assortment on our best cloth diaper page for you to choose from!

3) Choose A Coordinating Ribbon

For a less expensive ribbon, Sophie's Favors has a great assortment.

Select a coordinating ribbon that goes with your "topper". Choose a different color from the one on the "topper', as you probably won't match it exactly. For example, if there are pinks and browns in the "topper" and the bow is a pink color, select a brown color ribbon to wrap around and tie into a bow for your base layer.

If you have the time, after you order and receive your "topper", you can take it to a local fabric or craft store to match a ribbon there. You might also save money by buying the exact amount you need instead of buying a bulk spool.

See more ribbon selections on our baby shower ribbons and personalized favor ribbon page.

While at the craft store you should also pick up some baby safety pins to coordinate with your colors. Or just buy them here ... Lots of colors are available in these Cloth Diaper Safety Pins.cloth-diaper-pins-for-diaper-cakes


(click on image for description and pricing)

Tip: Buy Only Stainless Steel Pins if Mom-To-Be will be using them. The stainless steel won't rust! :)

4) Assemble Your Cloth Diaper Cake

Using the basic DIY Easy Baby Diaper Cake Instructions videos, make your cloth diaper cake base.

After your base is complete, simply center your "topper" and use a few dowel rods that measure about an inch short than the height of your cake, inserted through the top to the base to secure it.

Use your decorative baby safety pins to 'attach' the "topper" securely in a few spots around the bottom of the "topper". ... How easy was that! :)

Tip: Your cloth diaper cake base doesn't have to be too big. It should be relative and complimentary in size to your purchased, or homemade cake "topper".

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