Looking For The Best Pregnancy Books?

Find Trusted Information From The Experts!

Find everything a new mom needs to know with the best pregnancy books that describe all of the details she's anxiously wanting to know for before, during and after her pregnancy. If you're looking for excellent gifts for pregnant women, or just a little something extra to add to your gifts for Mom To Be then you've come to the right place.

Being a new, or first time Mom is an exciting time. Though sometimes it may get a bit scary, all-in-all it's a joyous time for Mom and Dad To Be.

So, help Mom To Be get over some of her anxiety with helpful tips & advice from the experts on what to expect from conception to birth and beyond.

"What's Happening To My Body?"

best-pregnancy-booksEvery new Mom has a million questions and concerns about this new and wondrous change.

From the changes in her own body to the developing precious life inside her.

Our top picks in Best Pregnancy Books will help ease her worries and comfort her mind with some advice from the experts.

Remember to include one of these informational books as a "little addition" to every baby shower gift.

What To Expect Books

"What to Expect" books have become part of our pregnancy culture. From advice on before you get pregnant, to eating a healthy diet during pregnancy ... and ... from what to expect during the first year, to finding the perfect pre-school. It's all here!

More fabulous advice and trusted information from our friends at

Nine Months Later

Depending on your age, your body and mental outlook can change drastically after pregnancy. Help the new Mom with these physical and mental changes with inspiration, motivation and education from the experts.

Getting Back In Shape

This is a highly recommended book for getting back your figure after pregnancy. It not only improves your physique, but also motivates and inspires you to stay on track mentally.

Bill Phillips book, Body For Life (also available in Spanish) was so successful that he wrote Eating For Life and the Body For Life Success Journal.

After we had our son, I used Body For Life to lose the last 20 pounds of my "baby fat". (Angela Sacco, Website Publisher)

Find more great books in our category
"9 months Later ... Getting Back In Shape!"
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From Conception To Child Rearing

More recommended books that make great gifts for Mom To Be and essential information and education. These are excellent gifts for pregnant women that you know and love, not to mention they make perfectly unique baby shower gifts.

Explore the miracle of conception in A Child Is Born, and on into The Wonder of Boys and The Wonder of Girls. From the trusted experts and creative minds of our time.

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