Choosing the Best Cloth Diapers

Whether you're choosing the best cloth diapers to stock up for Mom-To-Be's nursery, or you just want to use organic cloth diapers to make a diaper cake, below are some great diaper tips for Mom-to-Be.

So, if you're the baby shower hostess, invite Mom-To-Be to join you on this page or share the page with her using the email or social icons to the right on this page.

Diapers make great baby gifts as is, and they're also perfect for diaper gifts and diaper cakes for a baby shower.

You want to find out which diapers Mom-To-Be prefers.

See our pros & cons cloth diaper guide below so you'll know exactly which diapers to choose!

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Organic Cloth Diapers? AIO Cloth Diapers?

Find Out What Diaper Features Is Mom-To-Be Looking For?

Cloth diapers have come a long way over the years. These bright, new color ways to style your little bumpkin, add some fun to being a baby ... and of course a new Mom!

Choosing the best cloth diapers depends on your most wanted features. What is most important to Mom-To-Be?



Pick her brain and get some indication of what she may prefer. See our pros and cons below for more helpful hints.


All In One Diapers (AIO Cloth Diapers)


Pocket Diapers and Fitted Diapers


Diaper Covers and Prefolds

Pros and cons of different types of cloth diapers

All In One Diapers (AIO Cloth Diapers), combining the inner absorbent portion and the outer waterproof portion all in one diaper:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Great for first time users, day care providers and babysitters
  • Nice to have on hand for outings, or others to use, while using a different option for day to day diapering
  • One downside is that some AIO cloth diapers don't wash as quickly or as thoroughly as others. A better designed AIO takes care of both these issues. Test a couple of brands to see which works best.
  • Another downside is that this is the most expensive option, but will still save you over $1,400.00 per year compared to using disposables.

Pocket Diapers, similar to the AIO cloth diaper but has a removable absorbent portion for easier cleaning:

  • Also convenient and easy to use
  • Easier to clean because the absorbent portion can be removed
  • Most have a stay-dry lining for babies comfort and hygiene.

Fitted Diapers, a great combination of an inside absorbent layer and an ease to use outside layer:

  • A favorite for convenient and easy use
  • Very economical because the outside cover can be used a dozen times before it needs laundering. So, you only have to buy a few!
  • Great for messy blowouts, because they have two elastic, closer fitting edges, at the legs and at the back.

Prefold Diapers, used with Diaper Covers, the least expensive option and easier to use than most think:

  • Fit longer and easiest to wash and dry
  • The rectangular shape makes it easy to conform to baby's shape and size, which helps with messes
  • Again, economical because you only have to buy a few and the covers usually fasten with snaps or velcro, with some designs actually holding the prefold so well that you don't need pins!

Whether you choose regular, or organic cloth diapers, select the best cloth diapers, and type that are right for you and your family.

You'll find a favorite and keep it stocked in the nursery.

You will also take comfort in the fact that you're reducing the negative impact on our environment, saving trees and also saving lots of money!

About Cloth Diapering

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