Traditional Baby Shower Theme Ideas

And Unique Baby Shower Themes

A collection of baby shower theme ideas for little girl baby shower themes, baby boy shower themes and gender neutral themes too. Traditional and Non-Traditional ideas to plan the perfect baby shower.
Elegant Baby Shower Themes
Tried And True baby shower themes ...Or Break With Tradition and discover some excellent unique baby shower themes and ideas for holidays and special, or seasonal times of the year.

After some extensive research on baby shower theme ideas, we’ve come up with our “A” list. Fun and Creative Baby Shower Planning!

Tip: When deciding on baby shower theme ideas, remember to Keep It Simple, Fun and Easy.

Think about Mom-To-Be and your invited guests. This will steer you in the right direction.

Don’t feel like
everything has to be heavily themed with matching plates, napkins, decorations.

Add your favorite unique baby shower themes.
Send us your idea and we’ll add it to our list!

Fun & Unique Baby Shower Theme Ideas


The Sugar and Spice Shower

And everything nice for little girl baby shower themes ... It’s a girl! Welcome to Candyland and "Sugar Central" ;) Use all different kinds of candies, cookies ... and don’t forget the white and pink chocolate.

Use Cotton Candy centerpieces with pink or purple ribbons. Find cute designs in pairs of little pink booties or socks, then fill them with candies and tie with pink ribbons. "Spice" it up with a retro or Pucci print inspired containers and wrappers!

Visit our "Pretty In Pink" Baby Girl Shower Ideas for some awesome decorating, favor and food ideas for your little girl baby shower themes.

The Snips and Snails Baby Boy Shower Theme

The Snips and Snails Shower

And puppy dog tails ... It’s a boy! Blue, of course, provides the setting for the arrival of a new baby boy. Add some bright colors too. Decorate with little baby blue sneakers filled with candies and lots of gummie worms.

Visit our Baby Boy Shower Ideas for some baby blue decorating, favor and food ideas for baby boy shower themes.

(above image is courtesy of
Amy Atlas Events.)

More Unique Baby Shower Themes For Holidays And Seasonal Parties


The Baby Einstein Shower

Are you thinking of baby shower theme ideas with more of an intellectual flavor? Is Mom-To-Be an intellectual type or a teacher? Is she interested in educational toys? For this baby shower theme idea, suggest that your guests bring educational gifts. There are
some great ones out there even for newborns. Check out our Unique Baby Shower Gift Boutique for more ideas!

Baby Shower Theme Ideas The Baby Book Shower

The Baby Book Shower

Ask guests to bring a copy of their favorite children's book as a gift to start the baby's library.

Reading to an infant, or even to your unborn child has been researched, proving higher academic achievement in child development.

Use old baby books, if you have them to decorate and make the cake in the shape of Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes. Give your guests Baby Shower Bookmark Favors.

A perfect gift for The Baby Book Shower is a Personalized Baby Book.

The Character Themed Shower

Character baby shower theme ideas can be a lot of fun! Does Dad or - Birthday Party SuppliesMom-To-Be love Mickey or Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Spongebob, Woody, Mario, Curious George, etc.

Center this baby shower theme idea around their favorite character. Many party stores carry every theme imaginable that can also be used for showers ... think outside the box. ;)


The Nursery Shower

Help Dad and Mom-To-Be with decorating the nursery.

Ask guests to bring items
like paintings or pictures to hang in the nursery, crib bedding, changing table accessories, lamps, nightlights … check Mom-To-Be’s registry to make sure it fits with her nursery theme.

Or, maybe they need some help painting and putting it all together. Everyone can help pitch in.

Do you have a special creative streak? We have great ideas to tickle that creative bone at Creative Baby Shower Gifts to Make.

Looking for more great gifts and Baby Nursery Ideas ...

Baby Shower Theme Ideas Pamper Mom Shower

The Pamper Mom Shower

Does Mom-To-Be already have everything she needs? Then throw a “Pamper Mom Shower”! Have guests bring gifts for Mom-To-Be to make her feel more comfortable during her pregnancy. Oils and lotions for stretch mark prevention and dryness, soothing bath salts or shower gels ... nausea, heartburn and hemorrhoids remedies.

Tips for anxiety, swollen feet, exercising, child birth and anything else you can offer advice on for pregnancy to birth. Think about maybe a pedicure kit ... for when she can reach her toes again! Or a gift certificate for a pedicure or other pampering at her favorite spa or salon. Maybe a sexy negligee with drawer cachets & scented soaps.

Packaged to perfection and sent straight to Mom, or Mom-To-Be, for her special day ... Pamper Mom-To-Be with a Gift Basket or Relaxing Spa Basket.

The Massage Shower

Wondering about baby shower themes for the Mom-To-Be that has everything ... this baby shower theme idea is THE ultimate gift! Hire a massage therapist to give Mom-To-Be a prenatal massage.

Make sure you have a private room for Mom-To-Be and also discuss with her beforehand to make sure she's comfortable with the idea. A guest bedroom or den will usually suffice for a massage table set-up.

If your guests are interested, also hire a chair massage therapist to give each of your guests a chair massage throughout the shower.

Las Vegas Locals ... visit our friends at Las Vegas Massage/At Your Door Massage

Just call Kris Kelley and ask for the Sacco Bambino 20% Discount Special. Call (702) 203-5670 for more information.


The Girls Night Out Shower

Break with tradition. Unique baby shower themes come in all types of packaging. ;)

For this baby shower theme idea, have a girls night out on the town!

Make sure Mom-To-Be drinks the ‘virgin’ versions of whatever you’re having.

A small pub/restaurant with live music of Contemporary, Rock, Jazz or whatever Mom-To-Be’s taste, makes a great setting. It also provides for light food, drinks and a great place to open gifts. Find a location near you with our Baby Shower Venues Locator.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas Tea Party Shower

The Tea Party Shower

This idea is a great for little girl baby shower themes. Do you have a Tea Parlor in your area? This makes a great setting for “just the girls”. Or have a Tea Party at your home.

Tea and crumpets, anyone? Or, maybe floral cupcakes ... yummy!

Shop for Tea Party Favors @

Tip: Remember that wedding favors make for upscale and elegant baby shower favors. Simply change the personalization, if any,
to read "Baby Shower".


The Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Ask guests to bring the bear necessities for gifts. Like Diapers, receiving blankets, bottles, baby bath tub, bath wash, wash cloths, hoodie towels, lotions, A&D ointment, a thermometer ... any and all basic baby care supplies and necessities. Decorate with teddy bears!

The Baby Donation Shower

Baby shower theme ideas don't Have to be all about giving to Mom-To-Be and Baby. Is Mom-To-Be active in charity work? Does she have everything she needs already? Set up a donation to a favorite charitable organization.

Another idea to consider ... set up a college fund for the new baby or have your guests bring Savings Bonds as gifts.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas Sports Themed Baby Shower

The Sports Shower

Great for baby boy shower themes, or
The Dad Shower. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer ... sports baby shower theme ideas.

Find out dad’s, or Mom-To-Be's favorite sport and theme the shower around the sport. Think Super Bowl Party, World Series Party for this idea .... sports themes are great for a casual couples shower. Plan for the guys to fire up the grill and play Toss the Baby in the back yard ... fill up water balloons with baby faces on them, toss them back and forth, and whoever stays dry, wins the prize!

Having a Super Bowl Baby Shower? Check out our Baby Shower Food Ideas for some terrific recipes and menu suggestions. Simple and easy to make!

The Dad Shower

The perfect opportunity for that backyard BBQ. Have guests bring Daddy geared necessities. Gift a diaper bag that Dad would like to carry in black or brown ... check out our Sacco Bambino® Monkey Around Bambino Unique Baby Gifts. Include a "how-to" book just for Dad … or select from our Baby Shower Gifts for Dad.

More awesome ideas for The Dad Shower.


The BBQ Shower

Is Mom-To-Be due to deliver in the Summer or early Fall? Then Have a BBQ Shower. Again, this is an ideal opportunity to have guests bring a side dish and then you provide the main course. Check out our Baby Shower Food Ideas and Recipes for planning essential, tips, BBQ recipes and more.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas Grandparents Shower

The Grandparents Shower

Whether it's little girl baby shower themes, or baby boy shower themes ... Grandparents get so excited about the arrival of their new grandchildren. The Grandparents Shower will make them feel a part of the special occasion ... a shower just for them!

Gift Grandma and Grampa all the supplies they’ll need for those overnight and weekend stays!

Baby Shower Theme Ideas The Office Shower

The Office Shower

Throw a shower at the office and include all of Mom-To-Be’s co-workers. Make it a pot luck at lunch time, or just have chips, dips and a small cake at break time.


The Organic Shower

Is Mom-To-Be conscious of the environment? Have a tree planting ceremony in honor of the new baby.

Have your guest bring organic skin care products for Mom-To-Be and Baby, organic baby foods (or even home-made recipes), cloth baby diapers (make a cloth diaper cake), breast feeding guides and supply information.

Make your own Homemade Baby Shower Invitations from recycled paper!


Find more "Green Stuff" at Amazon!

Baby Shower Themes The Patio Garden Shower

The Patio Garden Shower

Is the shower going to be thrown in the late spring or early summer? Another idea perfect for little girl baby shower themes, a Patio Garden Shower brings out the "girlie girl" in all of us, right ladies?

Decorate with a floral theme and make sure the cake has lots of flowery designs ... a dusting of edible rose petals are perfect for food and drinks!

This outside setting is perfect for the Tea Party Baby Shower theme idea, as well. Use our suggestion for party favors ... a cut flower with attached plantable seed favor packets and ask your guests to plant them in honor of the new baby.

Eco-Friendly Party Favors from


The Pool Shower

Fun in the Sun and great for Mom-To-Be to relax in the pool! If Mom-To-Be is a water lover, ask guests to bring gifts for baby’s first adventures in the water.

Items like pool toys, life jacket, floats, ear plugs, baby swimsuits ... they’re so cute! If you’re near a beach, don’t forget to gift the sand pail, shovels and sandcastle molds.

Check out our amazing Pool Party Ideas For A Baby Shower.

The Scrapbook Shower

Bring an easy to use camera and portable printer so photos can be mounted right away. Buy enough scrapbooking supplies for everyone to join in. Or, ask your guests to bring their own to create a personalized gift page uniquely from them.

You can be very creative with many different styles. We also found these at Two Peas In A Bucket. Type "baby" into their search box and discover all of the creative ideas available. Make sure you check out their Member Gallery as well.

The Memory Book Shower

This is a simple and easy baby shower theme idea ... supply a journal notebook or a blank bound book and have your guests write a note to baby and parents-to-be about mom and dad, or a few words of wisdom about parenting.

The Time Capsule Shower

Ask your guests to bring items relevant to the current times. Include: Musics CD’s, fashion magazines, tabloid magazines and a video or pictures taken at the shower. Be creative … maybe an ultrasound picture or video and Mom and Dad’s family trees.

Don’t forget to buy a newspaper the day the child is born. Give this job to a responsible person so Mom and Dad don’t have to worry about it. It can be added to the time capsule and then it can be sealed.


The Classic Rock Shower

Is Mom-To-Be a Rock ‘n’ Roller? Center the theme around Classic Rock music. Decorate with vintage posters of her favorite groups and keep the music flowing! Buy or make Record Album Serving Bowls (using old vinyl albums). Use old CD's for record coasters and make retro labels for them.


Baby Shower Theme Ideas Classic Rock Shower

Personalized Invitations can be rock themed too ... And don’t forget the Rock 'n' Roll cake!

shower-themes-goth-candles shower-themes-goth-place-setting

The Goth Shower

Silver candlesticks with red or burgundy velvet ribbons!

Silver baby cups filled with red-blood colored rose petals. Perhaps decorations of pacifiers with …. skull handles? (could also use as napkin rings).

Type O Negative, Nekromantic, Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure, NIN, or Skinny Puppy playing in the background.

Black organza or velvet goody bags filled with candies and tied with a deep magenta, or sapphire blue ribbon. Check out some of our Halloween Baby Shower and Goth Baby Shower for some uniquely Gothic baby shower ideas. Make your invitations with a skull and cross-bone image with pink or blue accents. Or, find our Free Goth Baby Shower Invitations on our Goth Baby Shower page!


Rule of thumb when brainstorming for a Goth Baby Shower ... Whatever ideas you see in white and pink, or white and blue, merely change the white to Black, and add only a touch of white. Here's a great cake idea.

Go to our Halloween Baby Shower and Goth Baby Shower for more "frightfully adorable" Baby Shower Ideas!

The Music Themed Shower

You can take any favorite music to theme a baby shower. If Mom-To-Be is really into music, consider Country and Western, Classical, Pop, Rap, or even center it around her favorite performer.

The Cultural Themed Shower

Research the culture and traditions of Mom-To-Be, whether they be Asian, European, Native American, ect. Center the baby shower theme idea around her native culture and traditions. Moms and Grandmas are a great source for this type of information.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas Baby Safety Shower

The Baby Safety Shower

This is a terrific way to prepare Mom-To-Be for all of those much needed Safety items. Have your guests bring Baby Safety Gifts such as, safety gates, car seat, child-proof cabinet locks and more. For some excellent Baby Safety Ideas check out

The Holiday Shower

Whether it's Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall ... We have unique ideas for all of the Four Seasons.

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to create unique baby shower themes.

Throw the Baby Shower on, or just before the next big holiday and make the theme for That particular holiday.

Find more fun holiday and Seasonal Theme Ideas on our Unique Baby Shower Themes page.

Your Favorite Baby Shower Theme Idea

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and we’ll add it to our growing list!

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