Baby Shower Prizes

Baby Shower Door Prize Ideas To Wow Your Guests!

Baby Shower Prizes are for all of the Baby Shower Game Prize Winners at your Shower. So, put a tad more thought into the selection of these "gifts".

Baby shower prizes should be a little more expensive than the party favors that you give your guests to take home.

A great way to give prizes is to buy as many as you need for all of your games and display them in a "prize area". Then as your guests win, they can just select the prize they want.

Also Known As A Baby Shower Door Prize

Baby shower game prizes, also called baby shower door prizes, can be hand crafted creative baby shower gifts, if you’re the 'crafty' type. Also see our Easy Creative Gifts To Make below.


Inexpensive materials can be used to create simple, yet amazing looking gifts.

It’s also fine to offer gift certificates or small store bought gifts.

Put together a small basket of several inexpensive items for one big prize. Or, combine a nice gift certificate with a simple & fun home-made gift.

Some of the following suggestions are actually favor ideas you can use for your prizes. Just make your baby shower game prizes different from your favors, and as we mentioned earlier, spend a little more for these fun "gift" items. Think of something you'd might like to take home if you were a guest.

Easy Creative Gifts To Make For Baby Shower Game Prizes:


Tips: Use the game prizes as decorations and let your guests select which one they want when they win. Be sure to have a few extra prizes in case of ties.

Looking For Fun Baby Shower Games To Play?

Discover an amazing collection of fun baby shower games and also printable baby shower games that you'll have access to for an entire year!


Baby Shower Prize Gifts That You Would Like

Think of gifts that you would use and like to take home. Some of the more expensive favor selections are perfect for game prizes.

cherry-blossom-candle-baby-shower-prizesLooking for something a bit more elegant? Choose a more upscale gift with candles & candle holders.

And remember that wedding bridesmaid gifts make great baby shower prizes. Think "Outside of the box" ... remember? ;)


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