Baby Shower Gifts for Dad ...

Are You Throwing A Dad Shower?

Throwing a Dad Shower? Baby shower gifts for Dad ... Great selections and ideas for unique baby shower gifts!
Sometimes Dads can be a challenge to shop for, but stick to our rule of keeping it simple and success is guaranteed!

Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Dads

New Dads Are Carrying Stylish Diaper Bags!

Keep in mind that most dads like neutral or dark colors for carrying around their "baby gear", so stay with browns, beige, black or a cool designed print when choosing a diaper bag.

A classic mens diaper bag, is perfect for New Dads! The classic mens diaper bag ... designed and tailored just for Dad. Yes, Dad needs a diaper bag too! And check out the Wearable Diaper Bag Jacket or Vest ...

Don't want a plain black or brown diaper bag that doesn't reflect your style?Go to our diaper bags for men ... choose from awesome prints and neutral or strong colors. These have brightly colored graphics and cool designs with a little more 'pizazz'!

Perfect For The Dad Shower

"New Baby" Book Guide For New Dads

Another great gift for Dads is a "new baby" book guide to help him with newborn care.

Browse through our Baby Shower Gifts for Dad and Baby Books for Dad categories at our Unique Baby Shower Gift Boutique. You'll find everything you need for Dad!


Sacco Bambino® Gifts For Dad

Choose A Diaper Bag Or Back Pack Style

baby-shower-gifts-for-dad-hot-rod-bambino-blk-diaper bagbaby-shower-gifts-for-dad-hot-rod-bambino-blk-cinch pack

Stop by our Sacco Bambino® Gift Shop for more Unique Baby Gifts that Dad will love! Pair any of our designs up with one of our Bambino Diaper Bags in Chestnut Brown or Black. Slip a "How To" book for Dad in the diaper bag pocket and you're all set!

For a Boy:

For a Girl:

For a Boy or Girl:

Note: Hot Rod Bambino and Camo Frogs Bambino have also been requested, paired up with Bright Pink Cinch Packs and Cactus Green Cinch Packs for girls!

Nursery Wall Art ... Original Art At An Affordable Price

Another great gift for Dad-To-Be ... fun and whimsical designs personalized with baby's name and optional customized "birth stats"!

Baby Shower Gifts For Dad
Designed By Dads Too!

Celebrate Dad-To-Be!

As Dads-To-Be, and Dads in general, are becoming more and more involved in caring for baby, we're finding new ideas popping up all over! Check out these simple but very unique baby gifts ...

As recently seen on The Today Show, check out The Best Baby Walker ... The Juppy! Designed by Dad, Jeffrey Nash. Innovation in Simplicity.


A very cool idea designed by Dad, Robert Nickell at Daddy Just for Dad-To-Be to wear in the delivery room! It's available in a scrub or T-shirt version.

These are perfect unique baby shower gifts for The Dad Shower!

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Unique Baby Gifts For Dad

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The Dad Shower

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Teach your baby to walk with the Juppy!

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Baby Gear For Dad
Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Baby Play Mats
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Nursery Wall Decor
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Gift Mom-To-Be Her First Supply Of Diapers With A Diaper Babies
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