Baby Nursery Ideas & Decor
For Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Decorating a baby nursery with warmth, comfort, coziness and Fun!

Baby Nursery Ideas, Nursery Wall Decor, Baby Bedding for Girls, Baby Bedding for Boys and more. Discover lots of ideas for decorating a baby nursery that make unique baby shower gifts.


When thinking about baby nursery ideas, remember that lots of time is spent in the nursery.

The more organized Mom and Dad-To-Be are, the better they both will be able to navigate ... day, or night.

Comfort is "key", so coordinate decor with warmth & coziness in mind.

Do You Know The Baby's Gender?

Visit our Baby Girl Nursery Ideas for pretty in pink baby nursery decor and our Baby Boy Nursery Ideas pages for handsome blues in nursery decor.


Nursery Wall Art And Decor

Starting With The Nursery Walls?

After a fresh coat of paint, you'll find our Sacco Bambino® Nursery Wall Art and Decor to be a hit with Mom and great visual stimulation for baby's essential development.

These adorable 11" X 14" original artwork prints will brighten any nursery. Printed on quality watercolor paper, they have a hand-painted feel rendered in Unique and Fun designs.


(click on images to see more nursery wall art designs) )

Baby Nursery ideas

Looking For Your Favorite Baby Products Brand?

Find Crib bedding, nursery accessories, baby care products and more to stock up on everything Mom-To-Be will need. Check Out Everything "Baby" And Browse Baby Nursery Ideas By Brand At Wayfair.

Tips For Decorating Baby's Nursery

When decorating a baby nursery keep Organization in mind. Remember ... those 3 a.m. feedings require pre-planning and organization, so when Mom (or Dad) is half asleep they can find everything they need.

Start With A Canvas Of Color

Soothing colors create a canvas for the nursery. Now ... let's define "soothing". That would be a question for Mom and Dad-To-Be.

Babies tend to take on the emotions of the person caring for them. This is where the parents personal tastes play a big role.

Mom and Dad-To-Be will have a preference in mind, so follow their lead and brainstorm with different baby nursery ideas and nursery themes.

Whether it's bright primary colors, or soothing sage greens and corals, whatever feels best for Mom and Dad-To-Be will be what's best for Baby.

Gifts From The Heart

Gifts for the nursery can be purchased or hand made. Think about throwing The Nursery Shower in our Baby Shower Theme Ideas ... pitch in to help because decorating a baby nursery can be such Fun!

Painting or stenciling for wall art and decor, making a hand decorated item, such as a lamp, mobile or baby rocker make awesome personalized gifts. Do you have a special creative talent? We have great ideas to tickle that creative bone at Creative Baby Shower Gifts to Make. provides the largest selection of baby nursery ideas, including baby furniture, baby girl bedding, baby boy bedding, rugs, nursery wall art and decor for absolutely everything Mom and Dad-To-Be will need to fill the nursery with that touch of love and warmth, plus great Organization.

From modern to rustic, and whimsical to elegant ... there are a variety of baby nursery ideas out there to get your creative juices flowing for nursery themes!

Check out this very cool Rock 'N' Roll Nursery Theme for those baby rockers out there!

(click on image for description & pricing)

Is Mom-To-Be a Rock'N'Roll fan? Check out The Classic Rock Shower in our
Baby Shower Theme Ideas.

Print Out A Baby Gear Check List also supplies a baby gear checklist. ... which takes us to the unique baby gear on our Baby Gear Checklist for the expecting parents ... is Mom and Dad-To-Be ready for the new baby?

Luxury For The Nursery
And Adorable Baby Gear From Layla Grace

Looking For The Best Pacifier?

(click on MY MOM Rocks! for more product information)

Stock The Bookshelves And Decorate The Walls
With These Baby Nursery Ideas

Start Filling The Nursery Bookshelves ...

Help Mom-To-Be start her Baby's First Library with a Personalized Baby Book and Your Favorite Childhood Books.

The Baby Book Shower is the perfect way to introduce reading into the life of a child.

Research shows that reading to an infant, or even to your unborn child has been proven to foster higher academic achievement in a child's development.

Add A Whimsical Touch ...

Our fabulous selections of Nursery Wall Decal Designs and Nursery Wall Letters will add an adorable and whimsical look to every baby's nursery wall art and decor. These very unique baby shower gifts will brighten moms special day and keep baby's curious eyes entertained.


Hours Of Fun And Developmental Learning

Be prepared for when Baby starts rolling and exploring ... Baby Play Mats and Activity Gyms will be a necessity before you know it. Hours of Fun and developmental learning are beneficial to Baby and Mom.

Diaper Systems ... Disposable And Cloth

Make sure Mom and Dad-To-Be are stocked up with diapers and supplies. If they're using disposable diapers we found some awesome deals for
baby care supplies.

Are they going to use cloth diapers? If so, we have a wide variety and loads of information for choosing the best cloth diapers.

Visit our friends at:

Baby's Own Room - Shop for Child Craft cribs and furniture collections. Complete your nursery with our beautiful classic crib baby bedding.

Babys Own Room High Seas Collection

(designs may vary)

Nursery Night Lights ...
Keep Baby In A Soothing Slumber ...

And A Restful Sleep ...

Tip: Select a CD Player/Clock/Radio/iPod combination, or a combination CD Player/Radio that can be used for toddler years as well. Buy a quality player now and save some money.


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Stock Up Baby's Nursery
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Baby Nursery Ideas
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Your Favorite Brands!

Teach your baby to walk with the Juppy!

Classic and Trendy
Baby Gear For Dad
Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Baby Play Mats
Stimulating Activity Gyms


Nursery Wall Decor
Adorable Wall Decal Designs


Gift Mom-To-Be Her First Supply Of Diapers With A Diaper Babies
Bundle Of Joy!


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