Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Baby Boy Shower Decorations, Favors And More

Looking for Baby Boy Shower Ideas and Themes? If so, we have Unique Baby Boy Shower Invitations, Baby Boy Shower Favors and awesome baby shower theme ideas that are "All Boy" for your upcoming shower.

Whether it's snips and snails and puppy dogs tails ... or little boy blue.

Or, maybe it's a Dad Shower using Dad-To-Be's favorite sports team or race car driver theme!

We have lots of unique for
baby boy shower ideas.

Baby Shower Food Ideas For Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn ... It's all baby blue.

Baby Boy Shower Food Ideas Sweet blue confections
with dashes of white creamy frosting. Decorate in soft baby blue for "It's a Boy!" baby shower theme.

A morning Brunch of blueberry confections and blueberry muffins with tea and coffee would be perfect.

Visit our Baby Shower Food Ideas page for more scrumptious baby shower food & recipes, plus great planning tips.

Baby Boy Shower Idea courtesy of Amy Atlas Events. Visit her website for more elegant & whimsical themes to incorporate into your baby shower.

Sweet Baby Boy Shower Favors

Brownie Baby Shower Favors

Give your guests an added sweet treat to take home wrapped in cellophane and tied with a decorative ribbon.

These are also beautiful to place around your baby shower cake and serve as a side dessert. It doesn't get any sweeter for the sweet tooth crowd.

For more favor ideas ... check out our Baby Boy Shower Favors.

Photo Design Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Is Dad-To-Be involved with the baby shower plans? Or, maybe He's throwing the shower. Yes, the times, they are a changin' ... more and more Dads are getting involved.

So, gear your baby boy shower ideas around Dad-To-Be. Yes ... The Dad Shower.

Is Dad-To-Be in the U.S. Air Force, Navy or other military division? Maybe an airplane, or fighter jet themed baby shower.

What's his favorite sport? What a great opportunity for a baby shower sports theme. Does Dad-To-Be like to sail? Well, maybe a sailboat baby shower is in order.

Is he a race car fan? Build a baby shower around Nascar, or Hot Rods! Check out our Hot Rod! Bambino Gifts in the Unique Baby Gifts at the Sacco Bambino® Store for gift ideas.

Is Dad-To-Be a Cowboy ... yes, you've got it ... a cowboy baby shower with all the western decor and of course, the music.


Whichever theme you choose think about having both names (Mom and Dad-To-Be), and photos on the invitations.

Here's one we personalized for a Fall Baby Shower. Find more on our Fall Baby Shower Invitations page.

More ideas for Baby Boy Shower Invitations.

Rubber Ducky, You're The One ...

Baby Boy Shower Ideas Decorations

Little boys love Bath Time Fun and rubber duckies.

Have a Bath Time Shower and decorate with a rubber ducky theme.

Ask your guests to bring gifts related to bathing supplies ... towels, wash cloths, soaps, lotions ... and of course, the rubber duckies.

We have lots of decoration ideas on our Baby Boy Shower Decorations page.

Homemade Favors Make Perfect
Baby Boy Shower Decorations

Think about your theme and how you can use the Baby Shower Favor Ideas as decorations. We always say that this is the perfect plan for clean up. Your guests take their favors (the decorations) as they leave ;)

Scrapbooking Baby Shower

Baby Boy Shower Ideas
(A Two Peas Project - Baby Shower by kethry70)

Scatter some scrapbook supplies for a Scrapbooking Baby Shower ... Themed paper, baby confetti and bright blue ribbon ... more supplies and ideas at Two Peas In A BucketTwo Peas Baby Shower Gallery baby shower gallery.

Two Peas In A Bucket Scrapbooking Supplies

Browse thousands of scrapbooking products on sale NOW at Two Peas In A Bucket!1000's of Sale Items Two Peas

Lots More Baby Boy Shower Decorations:

Baby Boy Shower Decorations

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