Baby Blanket Fabric For Easy-To-Make

Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Blanket Fabric in Creative Cuts, cotton and fleece come in handy for easy and unique baby shower gifts to make even if you don't sew!

Looking for easy-to-make baby shower gifts to make for Mom-To-Be?

We have some simple ideas for darling gifts you can make in a jiff. It's Easy!

Can you cut and tie a knot?

Can you sew 4 straight lines? Well ... it doesn't have to be perfectly straight ;)

Can you cut, fringe and tie?

If so, we have the perfect creative baby shower gifts to make you shine!

Cute Blanket Baby Shower Gifts To Make

Making A Simple Baby Blanket

Making a baby blanket is one of the easier gifts to make. You can purchase fabric at your local fabric store. All you'll need is about a yard and a quarter to a yard and a half of fabric, depending on how over-sized you want it.

Moms Love big receiving blankets, so if it's this type, go more on the longer length.

If you're new to sewing, simply press the edges folding twice to finish the edges and topstitch a straight line. As you practice, you'll soon be able to turn/turn and stitch at the same time. Yes, that's it! This is for a single layer receiving blanket.

If you want it to be double with a layer on the back, then simply double the amount of yardage (2 X 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 yards). Place the fabric right sides together, stitch with 3/8" to 1/2" seam allowance, leaving about 4-6" open at one edge (the smaller the better for easier finishing). Then turn it right side out, give it a good pressing, while turning in your open edge. Then 1/4"' topstitch around the entire blanket ... voila! Again, simple, right?

Tip: When doubling, after you stitch right sides together, press your seams open. This will make a perfect edge and turn right side out exactly on the seam.

Adorable Baby Blanket Fabric Designs

Find lots of cute fabric designs by Creative Cuts for Baby Blanket Fabric at Walmart.

(click on image for more designs, descriptions and pricing)



(click on image for more designs, descriptions and pricing)

Don't Have A Sewing Machine?

We Have The Solution!

These very cute fringe edge blankets are so easy to make ... No Sewing Involved. Simply cut, fringe and tie.

No-Sew Baby Blankets
(click on image for more designs, descriptions and pricing)

More Creative Baby Shower Gifts To Make

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