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November 2011

A Special Holiday Edition!

Unique Baby Shower Gifts And Baby Shower Ideas
To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower!

And this month, Holiday Shopping Ideas For Everyone On Your List! ...


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Our Free Baby Shower Invitation of the Month!

Brrrr! ... It's getting cold outside and with that northern gust of cool Winter air comes ... Yes! The Holiday Season. We have lots to share with you this month in our newsletter as we've been out prowling around again finding not only terrific deals on baby shower gifts and planning ideas, but just about anything you could wish for on your holiday list. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and get ready to start crossing off your naughty and nice list ;), because we've included some awesome deals!

Be sure to take a peek at What's New! We're all loaded up for the Holidays and all sorts of ideas for Holiday planning for a Christmas Baby Shower. Including Christmas Baby Shower Invitations, Favors, Decorations and much more! Get your festive creativity flowing to plan a perfect holiday baby shower with your family and friends!

But, first things first ... yes, our free baby shower invitation of the month. So, if you're planning a baby shower to throw around the Christmas Holidays, you're going to love this months pick! ... It's all about early planning for a Christmas Baby Shower ... and ... that new adorable "Santa Baby"!

Of course, every Celebration starts with an invitation. And we have a very cute one this month! Our "Santa Baby" Shower Invitation is perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl shower and it's designed right from one of our new baby shower invites at our new SaccoBambino at! Pretty handy if you want to order some stickers, favor mugs and bags ... or our fabulous apparel gifts for Mom-To-Be and Baby!

Simply download and print ... it's easy! We know you will enjoy using these awesome invitations as much as we enjoyed making them. So convenient to print and great to hand out to family, friends and co-workers!


And ... we've made it even easier to download our invitation of the month! Go to our VIP Invites page and you'll find the Free Baby Shower invitation of the Month at the bottom of the page.

(We have also made some of our previously "public" free invitations private to only YOU, our VIP subscriber!)

Tip: Don't forget envelopes if you need them, they're on the same page ... Our Free baby Shower Invitations fit perfectly into these great quality envelopes. Your guests will think you spent a fortune on your "custom" invitations and quality envelopes ... don't worry ... our lips are sealed! ;) Enjoy!

Did You Buy Your Holiday Gift This Month?

The "Count Down" continues ... can you believe the Holidays are so close? Where did the time go?! Remember last year and how crowded it was at the mall? Well, we have a plan ... we'll tell you our secret so for next year you'll be up-to-date!

We buy a gift (or two) every month starting in January, so that by November our Holiday shopping is complete ... finito ... fino ... DONE!

Yes, it's such a great feeling and we're just about done ...WHEW! Check our reminder found at Baby Holidays Gift Ideas ... and keep up with your monthly gift purchases ... get ready for Black Friday and onto the deals I was telling you about. Whether you're looking for baby shower supplies or just shopping for the Holidays, you're sure to find lots or great bargains!


Awesome Savings On
Holiday Cards And Invitations

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet, or your Baby Shower Christmas invitations? ... That is, if you're not using ours ;) Get 20%-30% Off when you shop now!


More Great Savings On Favors and Gifts!

Awesome Baby Shower favors, decorations, gifts and supplies ... but also find great savings on those little "knick knack" gifts for anyone ... and you can even have most of them personalized!

Unique Baby Christmas Gifts

(click on above image for great gift ideas & Holiday party supplies!)

More Adorable Christmas Ornaments ... Don't Forget Baby's First Christmas Ornament!

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What's On Your Wish List?

Wayfair Has A Zillion Things!

In researching large shopping websites we came across Wayfair, formerly CSN, and found some of the most awesome deals on quality merchandise that we've ever found! A Boston based company, Wayfair is becoming quite a retail giant. Find Everything you need for Baby, Home and, of course, the Holidays! :)

Stumped?! Don't know what to get? Check out Wayfair's Christmas Gift Guide and find just the perfect gift!

Inexpensive Printable Baby Shower Invitations

From Sacco Bambino®

Our new designs inspired by our Nursery Wall Art. Printable Baby Shower Invitations ... Print 10, or print 100 ... as many as you need For ONLY $2.99! A great value for anyone on a budget!

Speaking of deals, our $2.99 printable baby shower invitations coordinate beautifully with our ... Unique Nursery Wall Art. Original Artwork at Affordable Prices for an awesome baby shower gift!

More Free Invitations and Postcard Invitations

Our very own Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations and our Free Printable Postcard Invitations from Sacco Bambino® that coordinate with our Unique Baby Gifts at the Sacco Bambino® Gift Shop.


Printable Baby Shower Games

And Perfect For Your Holiday Party!

We found these really cute printable baby shower games, from Baby Shower Games A To Z. Pay one low price and print as many as you want! And right now get 10% off your entire order! Add some excitement to your Holiday Party, or incorporate these fun games into your Christmas Baby Shower!

Printable Christmas Games

(click above image for all of AtoZ's Christmas Games)

Making Your Own Holiday Or Baby Shower Invitations Or Decorations?

See "What’s New" at the Invitation Gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket. And also check out Kristina's Picks for more ideas and watch their "Walk Through The Warehouse Video" to find out what's new!

Need Something More Elegant For Baby Shower Favors and Decorations?

Visit Serendipity if you're having a more upscale Holiday Baby Shower, or just looking for a small Christmas gift. From frames to elegant candles, even great ideas for small gifts for your co-workers!

And remember, Wedding Favors make excellent Baby Shower Favors ... just change the personalization wording!

Looking For Something Different?

Great Gifts That Are "Uncommonly Good?

Visit for unusual and adorable Holiday gifts or baby shower gifts. Check out our review page and find out more about unique baby gifts that moms love!

Uncommon Gifts for Baby


Baby's First Book Is Now On Kindle!

Reading To An Infant Makes A Huge Impact

Everyone knows that reading aloud to your newborn makes for a brighter and well balanced child. Now, let's take this a step further and imagine reading aloud to your baby every day with the new Kindle! The words seem to come alive as graphics dance across the screen.

More and more, researchers are finding that children learn better when Visually stimulated.

Kindle Fire ... Take A Quick Tour

Kindle Starting at $79.00

Read More About Kindle On Our Website!


"'Tis The Season All Year 'Round!"

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