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February 2011

Unique Baby Shower Gifts And Baby Shower Planning Ideas!

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Our Free Baby Shower Invitation of the Month!

It's still cold outside, well it's a breezy 60 degrees here in Las Vegas, but we know it's been a long winter in most of the US and around the world. So stay well and keep thinking warm thoughts. Spring will be here soon!

So ... put your creative hat on!

Are you having a spring baby? Whether you're the hostess or Mom-To-be, you need to start preparing for your Easter Baby Shower!

Remember ... planning early saves time, money and your sanity! ;) Use our free awesome and Unique Baby Shower Themes to make your planning Fun and Enjoyable ... Happy Planning! :)

It All Starts With An Easter Baby Shower Invitation! Our Easter Hatchling Shower Invitation is perfect for a boy or girl.

Just download and print ... it's easy!


Download Your Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations

More Free Invitations and Postcard Invitations

Our very own Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations and our Free Printable Postcard Invitations from Sacco Bambino® that coordinate with our Sacco Bambino® products.

Adorable Invitations, Decorations and Tags

We found these really cute printable baby shower invitations, games, favor labels and tags downloads from PrintItBaby

Making Your Own Baby Shower Invitations Or Decorations?

See "What’s New" at the Invitation Gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket.

The Best Baby Shower Favors and Decorations

Why is Beau-Coup so popular? Because they have the Most Popular Baby Shower Favor Ideas!

Did You Buy Your Holiday Gift This Month?

Remember last year and how crowded it was at the mall? Well, we have a plan ... we'll tell you our secret so for next year you'll be up-to-date!

We buy a gift (or two) every month starting in January, so that by November our Holiday shopping is complete ... finito ... fino ... DONE!

Yes, it's such a great feeling ...WHEW! Check our reminder found at Baby Holidays Gift Ideas ... and keep up with your monthly gift purchases!


"'Tis The Season All Year 'Round!"

See "What’s New!"

Many times we feature new and creative products that we’ve found on our “What’s New” Page.

See what new baby shower products and baby shower planning ideas that we’ve "Just Found"!

Also check out "Who’s Due" ... on our Celebrity Baby Shower News Feed!

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How Did We Do It!

After trying many different work at home opportunities and wasting a lot of precious time and money, I finally found a way to control my destiny!

I have worked for a couple of huge corporations and realized that They were making money off of my talents, my passions and ambitions ... not the other way around. So I decided to "step out of the cubicle", the box that was suffocating me and my creativity, and step into a whole new world where I could choose where and when I wanted to work each day.

It was a freeing and life altering experience.

It was hard work and took perseverance, but now it's paying off!

What did I do?

I wrote about something I was passionate about and used my talents and experience to create a website that I'm very proud to offer to You, my valued customers and loyal visitors.

You now know me, trust me, and use my awesome baby shower gifting and planning advice, as I build my brand. As I said, it was hard work, but well worth the FREEDOM I now enjoy!

Everybody knows a lot about something ... use that something ... anything will work ... that passion ... to secure your own future and control Your Own Destiny. Here's to Your Success!

Warm regards,

Angela Sacco

Owner, Unique BabyShower Gifts

We'll see you next month with our newest additions, our latest free baby shower invitations and much more … so stay tuned!

All The Best,

The Sacco Bambino Team

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