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December 2011

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Our Free Baby Shower Invitation of the Month!

We know how busy you are with getting ready for Santa, so we're going to make this months newsletter short and sweet! (well, as short and sweet as we can ;) Candy hearts sweet, that is! Sure, it's still freezing outside, but if you're planning for a Valentine's Day Baby Shower, it's time to start thinking about your sweet party plans!

Be sure to take a peek at our Valentine's Day Baby Shower section of our Unique Baby Shower Themes page. We have some terribly cute Valentine baby shower favors, along with invitations you can personalize to make your own unique Valentine Baby Shower Invitations! We have more ideas to share with you below ...

But, first things first ... yes, our free baby shower invitation of the month. So, if you're planning a Valentine Baby Shower, you're going to adore this months pick! ... It's all about early planning for a Valentine's Day Baby Shower...

Of course, every Celebration starts with an invitation. And we have a very cute one this month! Our "Valentine's Baby Shower" Invitation is perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl shower and it's red and pink heart design will make your guests hearts skip a beat! ;)

Simply download and print ... it's easy! We know you will enjoy using these adorable invitations as much as we enjoyed making them. So convenient to print and great to hand out to family, friends and co-workers!


And ... we've made it even easier to download our invitation of the month! Go to our VIP Invites page and you'll find the Free Baby Shower invitation of the Month at the bottom of the page.

(We have also made some of our previously "public" free invitations private to only YOU, our VIP subscriber!)

Tip: Don't forget envelopes if you need them, they're on the same page ... Our Free baby Shower Invitations fit perfectly into these great quality envelopes. Your guests will think you spent a fortune on your "custom" invitations and quality envelopes ... don't worry ... our lips are sealed! ;) Enjoy!

Get Started On The Right Foot In 2012!

We know it's December, but catch those after Christmas sales to start building next years Christmas gift list. You'll save a bundle by shopping early! So, remember to buy your Holiday Gifts starting in January. And check our reminder each month found at Baby Holidays Gift Ideas ... and keep up with your monthly gift purchases. It's such a great feeling at the end of the year! You can spend your Holidays "Happy" instead of "Frazzled"!

Like we said earlier, we're going to keep this "Short and Sweet",
but before we go, we want to wish you a Very ...

"Merry Christmas
And A
Blessed New Year!"


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